You place the pieces of my heart-back together, but if you happened to be complete it absolutely was changed your better.

You place the pieces of my heart-back together, but if you happened to be complete it absolutely was changed your better.

Presented by: Katie The worst strategy to miss some body is have them sitting proper close to you and know that possible have never them.

Anonymous Sometimes I wish I’d never ever found you because then I could go to fall asleep at night being unsure of there was someone as you out there.

Unknown Loving your makes me personally ill, but when I’m ill you love myself. Everything is not what they manage, however they are what they’re. Love is similar to liquor. somewhat enjoyable accompanied pick an extended unpleasant hangover. Presented by: k.a.s I believe their better to let go of to discover if they return rather than hang on and discover when they let it go.

Offspring When really love comes your path savor every time but try not to get to caught up and that means you bring trampled on. Submitted by: JB you do not recognize your own errors with somebody until they have been gone. When they’re lost, you understand the mistakes but it’s too late to correct it. Presented by: Denise the as soon as you snag your own hands on a rusty complete that you recognize. lives sux! But regardless of aches. your wont bleed forever.

Randi Jo Gleason We must be happy to eliminate the lifestyle we’ve in the pipeline, to be able to have the lifetime that’s waiting for you.

Joseph Campbell it isn’t the days you spend your projects that matters, this is the services you put in the several hours.

Muhammad Ali If your achievements just isn’t by yourself words, if it looks good to everyone but doesn’t feel good in your heart, it isn’t achievement whatsoever.

As yet not known fancy is a lot like a flower, if you don’t maintain it, the rose will die, assuming your look after it, the flower will grow.

Rebecca Kelley Enjoy the little things, for 1 time you may review and see they were the major factors.

W.C. Fields you cannot compensate anything any longer. Society itself is a satire. All you’re carrying out are recording they.

Ingrid Bergman You fall out of your own mom’s womb, you examine across open nation under fire, and shed into your grave.

James Thurber Life is a medical facility by which every individual try held of the desire of changing his bed. You might like to suffer close to the flames, and another is definite he’d recover if he were by the window.

William Drayton a person is born into a herd of buffaloes and should be grateful if a person isn’t trampled under feet before an individual’s times.

For decades, this lightweight gang of company posses contributed reports of these affairs collectively. Often, as soon as we’re called to comfort buddies outside of our circle, we’re going to get to back and let them know our very own terrible choices inside our admiration lives. It generates them be more confident and causes us to be believe pathetic. So so that you can take control of that pathetic feelings, we’re revealing our stories with all the globe. If you have a tale, e-mail

A Dime With A Penny

The most popular contributor, Reni Man, are disappointed and is in a complex circumstances. What do you do once you see a clear penny with a clear cent?

I am on an emotional rollercoasterLoving your aint little healthyLoving your had been never beneficial to me personally.But i cannot bring off– “Emotional Rollercoaster,” Vivian Green

Monday, November 14, 2005

Come on, most of us have complete they. We have now seen anybody we consider appealing with individuals we believe are unsightly. We have pondered just what hell he spotted inside her, or precisely what the hell she watched in your.

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