A 3rd of the method around the earth in an automobile you switched for a case of crisps…

A 3rd of the method around the earth in an automobile you switched for a case of crisps…

This is worldwide’s Greatest Journey.

2021: Cancelled.

2023: enrollment available now.

Here you will find the crazy and screws for the Mongol Rally, arranged because of the Adventurists, like nuggets of knowledge from a number of past teams… simply how much it costs, how the un-route really works and what sort of vehicles you can bring is perhaps all secure plus a lot of other things. Stick the kettle on, make an enjoyable cup of tea and take your next step towards marvelous adventuring turmoil.

Should you don’t have enough time when it comes to large one yet we operated a number of different adventures on two and three wheels. Have a look at Monkey operate for example week of stupidity on 50cc monkey bikes. Somewhat maintain exactly the same vehicle as the mates? Products all of them in a 145cc tuk tuk airg com app and push it across Asia, Sri Lanka or inside Himalayan hills on a Rickshaw operate.


  • 1. The guidelines – well type of.
  • 2. Cars
  • 3. The Unroute
  • 4. admission fee and what you get
  • 5. just how much really does the Mongol Rally expense?
  • 6. Paperwork
  • 7. Staff Mates
  • 8. The Times
  • 9. preserving society
  • 10. Contacts
  • 11. Proceed With The Mongol Rally
  • 12. The Warning

1. The guidelines – well sort of.

We earthquake at the idea of clipboards and officious, stern-faced arse-hats advising united states how products should be done. So forth one level simply the word causes us to be a little anxious, nevertheless these aren’t normal principles. They’re not built to keep you safe or quit the chaos. Quite the opposite. Read on and kneel from the altar of disorder.

Rule 1. It is possible to just take a farcically small automobile of 1 litre or less (we shall let as much as a 1.2 if you’re somewhat poor)

Guideline 2. You’re completely all on your own

Tip 3. you need to boost ?500 for foundation

Guideline 1: Small and crap

Possible get any car, so long as it is crap sufficient reason for an engine of 1.2 litre or much less. Preferably under 1 litre. For motorbikes we have now amply allowed 125cc, but would prefer that it is a scooter.

You should push limited, shit vehicles to really make the rally harder. It’s really no enjoyable when it’s as well smooth. If you’d like effortless go for a spa sunday. If you wish to make it more complicated, simply take a tiny cycle.

With a tiny vehicle or cycle, you are more likely to break up so you’re more prone to communicate with the residents, very likely to have trapped and likely to have actually an adventure. The worse the car the higher the action. Indeed if you discover your car or truck does better than forecast you are probably smart to afin de glucose when you look at the petrol container.

Tip 2: You’re on your own

Rule 3: Raise ?500 for foundation

They only appears fair when you’re having the mom of most escapades you need to offer a tiny bit straight back, therefore we inquire groups regarding the Rally to raise at the very minimum ?500 for any formal rally charity Cool world. Any time you boost ?1000 on their behalf you decide to go into a draw to win a money-can’t-buy day at the Peruvian Amazon jungle to see their own work personal. If you’d prefer to raise cash for other authorized charities that is all good. Any such thing within the ?500 minimum for magnificent world are contributed your own causes.

2. Cars

Any old dullard can buy a 4×4 might easily succeed across the surface with the moonlight and push a-quarter of this world’s circumference, hence, is exactly what the Mongol Rally isn’t pertaining to.

It’s about small. It’s about foolish. It’s about unsuitability. It’s about humour.

We’ve got purposely set the pub for motor size to only 1 Litre – or 1000cc. We will allow as much as a 1.2 for people exactly who can’t deal with a whole litre of nerve, but something over this and you’ll need certainly to e mail us directly and pitch your ideas to us meticulously. We shall allow larger machines when we think it is unacceptable and ridiculous adequate.

The majority of countries in European countries need tight vehicle enrollment conditions which do not let non-residents to purchase and sign up a car for their term. Great britain at the least is only a little smoother because aspect as once you have lead an automobile all you need your motorist and car Licensing Agency (DVLA) is actually an address in order for them to deliver the appropriate documents to. This does not need to be your own target. So if you need a family member or pal in the united kingdom question them as long as they don’t attention, or render a pal with another Rallier using one associated with Twitter content and inquire if they can help in return for several beers at publish celebration.

Like to establish your own peanuts become comparable to a palm tree? Next perhaps you be thinking about dealing with the Rally on a motorbike. Preferably, this ought to be under 125cc. Once again, for everything over this please talk to you 1st. We’re a little more lenient with cycles, because operating 10,000 miles on a bike was badass adequate, but you’re not likely to be viewed kindly by the man Ralliers if you arrive on a huge, utterly ideal touring bicycle.

Take your junk house or apartment with you

We no more significance cars to Mongolia. Nor will they scrap your car or truck, neither will Russia. Until you wanna shell out large (a bad area of $6000 buck kind of large) significance charges. Yes, your need to pay import costs to scrap the car. No, it’s not possible to sell. Nor are you able to give it to people. Whenever you go into the nation in a car obtain a little stamp inside passport, if you keep making use of the stamp, but no vehicles, you will need to shell out the taxation.

All cars should be driven or delivered back into whence they arrived. We negotiated big cluster offers with a local cargo business to help with this particular, but you have to plan for the time or cash to obtain the car house.

3. The Unroute

We feel society try too safe and organized, that we’ve visited inhabit actually lessening sectors of liberty. Concern with litigation, greed and a spineless refusal to take obligations for our selves has robbed all of us of a single of the very fascinating facts in life: the unanticipated.

The un-route rails from this. They forces one be forgotten, never to know what’s all over after that spot, to accept the not known.

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