We do not reinvent the wheels rather take advantage of SAP recommended approach to deliver quality output. We adopt proven SAP Activate methodology

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Discover and Prepare Phase

The discover phase includes strategic planning, application value and scoping, trial system provisioning. Prepare phase contains project Initiation, prototype or basic pilot, transition planning and preparation, team enablement.

Explore Phase

Application design and configuration includes activate solution, Fit-to standard analysis and design, UX activation and design, security design, gap validation and design review & sign-off. Data management includes, DVM design, Data migration design and design review & sign-off. Extensibility includes custom code impact and integration includes integration design and the total list of interfaces end-to-end details included in the entire system, analytics includes analytics design. Test planning includes, end-to-end test strategy, test planning based on overall plan, to include test tools, defect management tool, unit & integration testing, data requirements for testing, system integration testing, test system details, interface testing for all the interfaces with dependencies to complete the testing, UAT, Load / Stress / Performance Testing, test automation tools, SAP cut over / dry run testing, Regression Testing and high level UAT test scenarios listed. Technical architecture and infrastructure include sand box set-up conversion, dev set-up conversions, sizing, technical architecture and infrastructure definition and technical design. Operation and support to perform operational impact evaluation.

Realize Phase

Application design and configuration includes configuration, security implementation and verification. Data management includes, DVM configuration and execution, data migration, verification, complete reconciliation to ensure all aspects of data migration is accurate. Extensibility includes product enhancements, custom code quality and verification and integration includes integration and interfaces implementation, verification of the integration and interfaces., analytics includes analytics configuration. Test planning includes, test scripts and test execution completed for unit & integration testing, system integration testing, interfaces testing, UAT, Load / Stress / Performance Testing and all the high and critical defects closed, all open defects listed and agreed for sign-off with the impact analysis and resolution date. SAP cut over / dry run testing scenarios and regression testing scenarios agreed. Technical architecture and infrastructure include QAS set-up/conversion. Sizing and scalability verification and IT infrastructure set-up. Operation and support to be ready with operational implementation. Cut-over preparation and readiness.

Deploy Strategy

Dress rehearsal, solution reversal strategy, production cutover, hyper care, and operation readiness. Solution adaption includes organisational change management during prepare team enablement, during explore learning design, during realize deploy and run learning realization.


Project management at a high level during prepare is project Initiation, during explore and realize is execution, monitoring, controlling, during deploys Go-live activities and during run closing. Hand over to support organisation, solution. Listing all CR during the programme to improve and innovate solution.

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